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The concept behind lookalikes in games doesn’t always stem from a great design on the part of the developer. Sometimes it’s just a matter of needing a good two-character player. This is true when looking at games with multiplayer modes by design.

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But as the games continued to evolve, so did Player Two’s character design – to the point that they no longer needed to be just player one’s paddle swaps. While many of these characters have adopted quirky identities, others haven’t strayed from their original conception as a palette swap. In fact, in some cases, these characters have become more dependent on their likeness to their player one counterparts.

8 Mario and Luigi are one of the first iconic video game duos

When it comes to video game duos that have similar designs, the first that probably comes to mind is the Mario Brothers. Mario and Luigi were originally just swaps of palettes of the same character in appearance, though they were always seen as brothers. This is true when the fact that they are brothers became the title of the game. Their designs have evolved over the years, with Luigi being the older brother, but one thing that hasn’t changed is their similar choice of outfit. clothing.

seven Tails was already quite different from Sonic from the start

Sonic and tails for similar game duos

The first sidekick Sonic The Hedgehog ever had was none other than Miles Prower, or as he’s more commonly known, Tails. This flying fox has come to Sonic’s rescue time and time again, starting with his second adventure.

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Aside from his first appearance in Sonic the hedgehog 2, Tails was Sonic’s tech expert, able to keep up with Dr. Eggman himself. He is well positioned to make his big screen debut in the Sonic the hedgehog 2 film, which will be released later this year.

6 Proto Man’s similar appearance to Mega Man was designed by Dr. Light

mega and proto for duos of similar games

Proto Man, also known as the Blues in Japan, is a character first introduced in Mega man 3 as enemy of Mega Man. He is essentially the very first robot master created by Dr. Light. In the series, he is treated as the older brother of Mega Man and Roll. However, throughout the games, his role as an antagonist begins to gradually wane, to the point where he becomes a main playable character as Mega man 9 and Mega man 10.

5 The main protagonists of Double Dragon are more than just exchanges of pallets: they are brothers

Bimmy and Jimmy for similar play duets

One of the most classic beat-em-up games ever created is none other than Double Dragon. In it, the player takes on Jimmy and Billy Lee – two brothers on a quest to save Billy’s girlfriend, Marian, from the clutches of the Black Warriors.

The plot of this series is quite simple, yet effective, and the brothers’ fighting style is almost identical. Where things get interesting with this series is in the first game, where it turns out the Shadow Boss behind the Black Warriors is none other than Billy’s brother, Jimmy. This plot point hasn’t been explored too often in the series, but it’s interesting to see looking back.

4 Wario needed to have Waluigi in his squad to level the playing field

wario and waluigi for playing duos

Wario started out as a simple evil version of Mario, but as the Mario series progressed he quickly became a main character and even the protagonist of his own games. Where Waluigi comes in is in Mario’s tennis games.

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Most of the characters had already chosen a tennis partner, but Wario was not so lucky. In search of a partner, Nintendo created one for him on the spot with Waluigi. While this evil version of Luigi is often overlooked by Nintendo in non-derivative games, he has won a surprisingly respectable number of fans. He might still have his chance in the spotlight.

3 Star Fox’s Fox and Falco share similar move in Smash Bros for a reason

fox and falco for duos of similar games

The two characters players often think of when it comes to Star Fox are Fox Mccloud and Falco Lombardi. In large part, it’s thanks to the Super Smash Bros. series that makes these characters appear as mainstays – from the first game for Fox and Melee for Falco. In the proper Star Fox games, the two share a friendly rivalry. Falco’s main prowess comes from piloting Arwings, while Fox is more of a versatile pilot who can control both Arwings and Landmasters.

2 Similarities between Ryu and Ken stop their movements

ryu and ken for similar game duos

Ryu and Ken Masters are generally recognized for the similarity of their sets of movements. This is especially true in street fighter 2 where their attacks are identical. The similarities end at about this point, especially in the case of Ken, who is more of a family man and less serious personality than Ryu.

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They are established as best friends who have gone through the same training, so the clear connection between this duo is there. Although, in terms of the number of canonical fights one has won the other, Ryu has always beaten him in this regard.

1 While Meta Knight occasionally opposes Kirby, he has also proven to be her most powerful ally.

meta knight and kirby for similar game duos

Meta Knight is a character who debuted in Kirby’s Adventure, the second game in the Kirby Global Series. Its role there was that of an antagonistic force. He was just a minor and boss character, but this character’s role and popularity only increased over time.

Meta Knight now gets entire alternate playthroughs of Kirby games dedicated to him, and even his own story pieces as he strives to become the greatest Swordmaster in existence, defeating foes like Galacta Knight to make it his proofs. It’s also worth noting that, without his mask, Meta Knight looks almost identical to Kirby.

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