Dominic Thiem attends the final of the 2nd edition of his series of tournaments, says he is satisfied with the “high level” of tennis displayed


Dominic Thiem was forced to stay off the pitch due to the wrist injury he sustained at the Mallorca Open in June, but he kept himself fully occupied during his time out. The former world No.3 recently turned to Red Bull Thiem, Together, Match, an event that he personally designed to give opportunities to young people in search of visibility.

The second edition of the tournament series kicked off on August 21, with six qualifying events spanning just over two months. It peaked on center court at Wiener Stadthalle on Monday, with Dominic Thiem keeping a close watch on the finals.

The 2020 US Open champion praised the talented youngsters for putting on some well-contested contests, while cheering on everyone else who entered.

“The games were of a good standard, with great rallies and good winners,” Thiem said.

The Austrian also made his presence felt on social media, where he reshared @redbullaustria’s Instagram post marking the event’s finale. Thiem greeted all the finalists ahead of their big match saying: “Good luck to the finalists who play the Thiem Set & Match final today!”.

Dominic Thiem's ​​Instagram Story: October 24
Dominic Thiem’s ​​Instagram Story: October 24

Speaking of the tournament’s success so far, Dominic Thiem said he was happy with the reaction of the next group of players to the format. He also appreciated the enthusiasm they displayed throughout the series.

“For me, personally, the most important thing is to see how much fun the participants have while playing tennis,” added Thiem.

What does the format of “Thiem, Set, Match” look like?

Dominic Thiem at Red Bull Thiem, Set, Final of the match
Dominic Thiem at Red Bull Thiem, Set, Final of the match

Known for his aggressive approach and strong attack, Dominic Thiem has built the tournament around these aspects of his game. Each match is played with four-game short sets, and the tie-break is set at 3-3.

Offensive play is rewarded, with a winner counting for double the points.

Thiem has shown great interest in promoting the format and supporting all the emerging talents who have marked their tennis during the tournament. From the opening match on August 21 in Vienna, where Thiem personally presented the series’ first medals, his presence was an encouraging factor for the 400 or so young participants this year.

Tournament winners Clemens Linnemann (male winner) and Beatrix Gamsjager (female winner) were able to attend a personal training session with Dominic Thiem. They have also been invited to the final of the Vienna Open, which will take place on October 31.

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