Gruissan: Are These Tennis Newcomers Destined for National Glory?


  • Location: Gruissan
  • Topic: Tennis Newcomers
  • Main Question: Are They Destined for National Glory?
  • Article Focus: Analyzing the potential of new tennis talents in Gruissan
  • Key Points:
    • Background of the newcomers
    • Training and support system in Gruissan
    • Challenges and opportunities for success
    • Predictions for their future in national tennis

The sunny shores of Gruissan play host to a promising group of young tennis talents. With their racquets in hand and determination in their hearts, these newcomers are on a path towards potential national success. Join us as we explore their journey and the potential legacy they could carve in the world of tennis.

Under the guidance of coach Quentin Fages, a group of adults who recently took up tennis are now competing through the FFT Tennis Racquets program. This initiative by the French Tennis Federation aims to introduce women to the sport and encourage them to participate in competitions.

The New Faces of Tennis in Gruissan

Marie-Stéphane Santacatalina-Fougère, Johana Silva Guedes, Léonie Naudy, and Françoise Buisson are among these newcomers. They are members of the Tennis Padel Club Gruissan, where a specific program for women has been implemented to support their tennis journey.

The initial team, composed of Françoise Pares and Élizabeth Ruiz, emerged victorious in the departmental phases held on May 1st at the Tennis Club. Following their success, they triumphed at the regional phase on June 15th in Cap-d’Agde, earning a spot in the national final to be held in Angers from September 20th to 22nd.

A Collective Effort to Triumph

The club president, Josiane Anton, expressed her pride in the collective effort: “The first rackets inspire a desire to compete. As part of the club’s beginner assistance program, Quentin gave them a preliminary training session.” The team appreciates the camaraderie and team spirit: “There’s no bad attitude. It’s an individual sport, but in this competition, you play as a team and feel like you’re in a team sport. We get along well and participate for the joy of being together. There’s a spirit of cohesion,” says the team.

Françoise, the oldest of the team, laughs: “Age doesn’t matter! I saw a tall 35-year-old arrive, and I thought I was going to get beaten badly. But I didn’t.”

Preparing for the National Stage

This summer, the team will train intensively for the final phase, which promises to be a grand event. Meanwhile, the club will remain open every day to the public, offering opportunities to play tennis and padel, participate in training, or simply enjoy mini-golf under the pine trees.

Key Comparisons

Column Description
Program FFT Tennis Racquets
Coach Quentin Fages
Club Tennis Padel Club Gruissan
National Final Date September 20-22
Competition Phases Departmental, Regional, National

Team Dynamics

  • Team Spirit
  • Cohesion
  • Camaraderie
  • A collective approach


Q: Who are the newcomers in the Gruissan tennis team?

A: The newcomers are Marie-Stéphane Santacatalina-Fougère, Johana Silva Guedes, Léonie Naudy, and Françoise Buisson.

Q: What program supports their competition journey?

A: They are supported by the FFT Tennis Racquets program.

Q: When is the national final?

A: The national final is scheduled for September 20-22 in Angers.

Q: Who guided them?

A: Their coach is Quentin Fages.

Q: What is the club’s plan for the summer?

A: The club will remain open for the public and offer various activities like tennis, padel, and mini-golf.

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