Is Rafael Nadal back to his winning ways in doubles with Casper Ruud at Bastad?


  • Rafael Nadal and Casper Ruud team up in doubles at Bastad
  • Question: Is Nadal back to winning ways in doubles?
  • Results and analysis of their performance
  • Impact on Nadal’s overall game and ranking

Rafael Nadal, a tennis icon known for his dominance in singles, has recently made an unexpected resurgence in the doubles circuit alongside Casper Ruud at Bastad. This partnership has sparked excitement among fans and analysts alike, raising questions about Nadal’s potential success in this new venture. Let’s delve into this intriguing dynamic and explore whether the Spaniard is on the path to reclaiming his winning ways in doubles.

Rafael Nadal made a triumphant return to the tennis courts by securing a doubles victory alongside Casper Ruud at the ATP 250 in Bastad, Sweden. This marks Nadal’s first match since his early exit at the French Open on May 27, where he was defeated by Alexander Zverev in the first round. The Spanish legend, who has amassed 22 Grand Slam titles, seems to be re-establishing his dominance on the clay courts.

Nadal’s Match Highlights

Partnering with the Norwegian star Casper Ruud, Nadal showcased his impeccable form by defeating Guido Andreozzi and Miguel Angel Reyes-Varela with a score of 6-1, 6-4. The match highlighted Nadal’s sharpness and readiness as he prepares for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, where he aims to add more accolades to his illustrious career.

Preparation for the Olympics

Nadal, who has been largely absent from the courts due to multiple injuries, decided to skip Wimbledon to focus on the Olympic Games in Paris. The tournament is set to take place on the same clay courts of Roland-Garros, a venue where Nadal has enjoyed unprecedented success. He will be competing both in singles and doubles, the latter alongside World No. 3 Carlos Alcaraz.

Nadal’s Road to Recovery

Nadal’s return in mid-April after a 16-month hiatus demonstrates his resilience. Despite his age—Nadal is now 38—his performance in Bastad reflects his unyielding dedication to the sport. This match, part of his meticulous preparation on clay, was essential for him as he eyes his last Olympic Games.

Looking Ahead

Next, Nadal is set to compete in the singles category against Leo Borg, the 21-year-old son of tennis legend Björn Borg. This will be another crucial test for Nadal as he continues to fine-tune his preparations for the Olympics.

Factors Observations
Recent Performance Victorious in doubles with Casper Ruud
Last Singles Match Loss to Alexander Zverev at French Open
Upcoming Matches Facing Leo Borg in singles
Age 38
Olympic Preparation Focusing on clay ahead of Tokyo Olympics
  • Win in doubles: 6-1, 6-4
  • Partner: Casper Ruud
  • Opponents: Guido Andreozzi & Miguel Angel Reyes-Varela
  • Next singles match: Leo Borg
  • Upcoming: Tokyo Olympics

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Q: Is Rafael Nadal fully recovered from his injuries?

A: Yes, he appears to be in fine form as evidenced by his recent performance in Bastad.

Q: Who was Nadal’s partner in the doubles match?

A: Nadal teamed up with Casper Ruud for the doubles event.

Q: When was Nadal’s last singles match before Bastad?

A: His last singles match was on May 27 at the French Open, against Alexander Zverev.

Q: Who will Nadal face next in the singles category?

A: He will compete against Leo Borg in his next singles match.

Q: How many Olympic gold medals does Nadal have?

A: Nadal has won two Olympic gold medals, one in singles (Beijing 2008) and one in doubles (Rio 2016).

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