Is Vic-Fezensac the Next Tennis Powerhouse? Record Participation at Mousquetaires Tournament!


  • Vic-Fezensac: Potential Tennis Powerhouse?
  • Record Participation: Mousquetaires Tournament
  • Significant Increase: Player Entries
  • Future Outlook: Tennis Success

discover the rise of vic-fezensac as a new powerhouse in the world of tennis and the exciting developments in the sport.

With a record-breaking participation at the prestigious Mousquetaires Tournament, all eyes are on Vic-Fezensac as the next potential tennis powerhouse. As emerging talents make their mark on the court, the tennis world eagerly awaits to see if this French town will produce the next generation of champions. Join us as we delve into the rising stars and promising prospects that could cement Vic-Fezensac’s place in tennis history.

Vic-Fezensac: A Rising Star in Tennis

discover how vic-fezensac is becoming a new tennis powerhouse and making waves in the tennis world with its emerging talent.

The Mousquetaires Tournament, hosted by the Tennis Club Vicois (TCV), saw record-breaking participation this year, with more than 190 players competing. This remarkable turnout highlights Vic-Fezensac’s potential to become a significant player in the tennis world. With the recent upgrades to the courts, including the addition of new covers to existing ones, the tournament proceeded smoothly despite adverse weather conditions.

Unwavering Community Support

discover the rise of vic-fezensac as a potential new tennis powerhouse in the making.

The success of this tournament can be attributed to the unwavering support from the local community, including the municipality and the regional authorities. Their backing has provided the TCV with the resources needed to facilitate future improvements and opportunities for growth.

Outstanding Performances

The tournament featured many remarkable performances across various age groups and categories. Here are some of the standout winners:

  • Women’s Singles: Manon Pondicq (15/1 – TC Auch)
  • Women Over 35: Delphine Didier-Treyssac (15/3 – Eauze TC)
  • Women Over 50: Marie Sophie Petit (TCV)
  • Men’s Singles: Guillaume Miracolo (4/6 – Condom TC)
  • Men Over 35: Martin Cazeuneuve (15/3 – TCV)
  • Men Over 55: Laurent Bouquin (15/2 – Capdenac TC)

Emerging Young Talent

The tournament also showcased the depth of young talent in the region, with impressive performances from juniors. Key results include:

  • Boys Under 12: Lino Fagnol (30/1 – Auch TC)
  • Boys 13/14: Louis Blanchard (30/2 – Auch TC)
  • Boys 17/18: Lenny Bottega (15/5 – Les Peupliers)
  • Girls 13/14: Eva Lebe (15/2 – Nogaro TC)
  • Girls 15/16: EugĂ©nie Giroud-Garibaldi (30/4 – TCV)

Spectacular Growth Trajectory

Vic-Fezensac’s growth in the tennis arena is notable. The support from local authorities and the continuous improvement in infrastructure set the stage for the TCV to foster and develop future tennis stars. The success of the tournament exemplifies the potential of the region to achieve greater heights in the sport.

Event Highlight
Record Participation Over 190 participants
Court Upgrades New covers to existing courts
Support From local and regional authorities
Women’s Singles Winner Manon Pondicq
Men’s Singles Winner Guillaume Miracolo
Young Talent Showcase Impressive junior performances
Future Prospects Potential to produce future stars


Q: What is the Mousquetaires Tournament?
A: It is an annual tennis tournament organized by the Tennis Club Vicois in Vic-Fezensac.
Q: How many players participated in this year’s tournament?
A: Over 190 players participated, setting a new record.
Q: Who won the Women’s Singles category?
A: Manon Pondicq from TC Auch won the Women’s Singles category.
Q: What infrastructure improvements were made for this year’s event?
A: Two existing courts received new covers, which enabled uninterrupted play despite bad weather.
Q: Who supports the Tennis Club Vicois?
A: The club is supported by the local municipality and regional authorities.
Q: Are there any notable young talents from the tournament?
A: Yes, young talents like Lino Fagnol and Eva Lebe showcased remarkable skills.
Q: What are the future prospects for the Tennis Club Vicois?
A: With strong community support and continuous infrastructure improvements, the club has the potential to develop future tennis stars.

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