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Work continues Wednesday on the Nebraska 2 Bridge over the Missouri River in Nebraska City.

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Transit traffic on Nebraska 2 between Lincoln and the Kansas City area will encounter road signs on the Missouri River Bridge on two Sundays this month.

The bridge will temporarily close between 9 and 10 a.m. on Oct. 17 and 31, which the Nebraska Department of Transportation says will allow farm equipment to pass safely between Nebraska and Iowa.

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Large farm equipment was unable to cross the border safely due to the construction of the Missouri River Bridge which reduced traffic to one lane in each direction and road works related to flooding in Iowa.

The concrete barriers that will remain in place will limit farm equipment to a maximum width of 13 feet, the Department of Transportation said.

Farm equipment will be on display at the Old Nebraska City Mall and at the Cubby’s truck stop near the Interstate 29 interchange in Iowa.

Motorists can use other bridges over the Missouri River at La Platte, Plattsmouth, Brownville, and Rulo during the Nebraska City Bridge closure. However, traffic on US 75 north and south of Nebraska City is being held back by road construction projects.

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