Serena Williams shows off her daughter Olympia’s new workout gear


Serena Williams took to Instagram on Friday to showcase her daughter Olympia Ohanian’s new fitness equipment. The video, taken from Williams’ personal gym, shows Olympia’s set of exercise equipment next to his, so the couple can work out together.

While all of Williams’s gear is furnished in matte black, Olympia’s is featured in a pair of bright red and yellow that was more suited to the four-year-old.

Screenshot of Serena Williams' Instagram story
Screenshot of Serena Williams’ Instagram story

The 40-year-old listed all of Olympia’s new equipment, including an elliptical, stairmaster, treadmill and small exercise bike.

“Alright kids, my little baby has new equipment. There’s an elliptical, a stairmaster, a treadmill and then she’s got a little bike,” Serena said.

Williams is currently recovering from a hamstring injury she suffered at the 2021 Wimbledon Championships. But the American has said she looks forward to light training.

Williams further added that she was looking to procure new equipment for her gym.

“I’m in the gym and worked out my gym. I tried to get some new equipment [for myself]”Serena said.” I could do it today. “

Serena Williams hints at possible 2022 return

Serena Williams hinted at a possible return to the circuit in 2022
Serena Williams hinted at a possible return to the circuit in 2022

Serena Williams would have loved to compete in Melbourne for her 24th Grand Slam title, but is still recovering from a hamstring injury she suffered at Wimbledon last year.

Williams announced in December 2021 that she was withdrawing from the 2022 Australian Open, on the advice of her medical team. However, a few days ago the serial winner hinted that she could be back on the tour this year.

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced Williams to spend more time at home, the former World No.1 traveled to Tik Tok to share a glimpse of how she kept fit during the locking.

The routine included weighted jump squats, ladder runs, sit-ups, resistance band pull-ups and more. The video garnered over 200,000 likes as fans marveled at the 40-year-old’s fitness level.

“Did someone say Tennis?” Serena captioned the post on Instagram.

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